WHITE HALL FLYWAY​​ Miniature Cattle
Our Focus is on Micro Miniature Cattle; where size matters
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​Zephyra (Zepher)
DOB: 04/27/19 Bull
Height: 20 3/4"​
Dam: Cece 33" x
​Sire: Vinnie 35.5"
Available August '19- $1,200, with 50% deposit due to hold. WOW this little guy would make someone a wonderful herd sire. He is beautiful - lots of color, a rare LINEBACKER pattern / brown and white paint.
Gracie ​​​
DOB: 05/02/19 Heifer
Height: 20 1/4"
Dam: Matilda 34" x
​Sire: Vinnie 35.5"
Available August '19 - $2,200, with 50% deposit due to hold. This little girl is just gorgeous! What a beautiful face - another LINEBACKER pattern / brown and white paint. She has wonderful color around her eyes and long lashes.
WE have calves on the ground - great news !
We were blessed this week with two births. Cece had her first calf on Saturday 4/27/19, a little bull. He is a linebacker, just like his dad (Vinnie) - he is doing well and is very healthy. Then Thursday 5/02/19 we had our second blessing, a little heifer from Matilda. Matilda's baby is also a linebacker, beautiful and healthy.

STILL expecting Mia and Skittles to calve this year, just not sure when - looks like July could be the month.

Updated as of 05/05/19

Previous calves - sold or retained

Buddy 2-Socks 06/15/18 Sold - to MD. Soon to be famous at the Stone Eagle Stables Petting farm.
Titan Whitehall 07/19/17
Dam: Skittles 34" x
​Sire: Vinnie 35.5"
 Almost a year and is still very small - can get a new measurement on him, but he is around 24" Haltered but not lead trained. He is a beautiful dark chocolate. Rair'in to go and ready to be your herd Sire!  Not for sale potential second herd sire.
Dam:  Triangle J. Mia 32" x
​Sire: Bogle Farms Pepper Jack 31"
​(Reg.# 023721B) Buddy  will be very small and has a beautiful tail-switch that starts brown, then white, then has a black tip - like it is a paint brush. GOREGOUS - is his middle name! Asking $ (registered) Available mid-Sept. 2018


Patience Whitehall 05/25/18 Sold - to PA.
Dam: Matilda 34" x
​Sire: Vinnie 35.5"
Available Sept - $, with 50% deposit due to hold. WOW this little girl is beautiful - lots of color, with a few black underlying spots - brown and white paint.
We are extremely happy to offer Semen Straws from our herd sire, Vinnie.  Please see "Our Boys" page for more information. 

Rouse Ranch

Carol Locklar Rouse
Registered zebu heifer born 6/06/2016 - Triangle J. Mia purchased 2018 as a bred heifer. All of Carol Rouse's stock is 4H animals, halter trained, and socialized. I couldn't be happier with the purchase; and doubly-happy when we met Mia. 

Registered Zebu Ranch in Haines City, FL

We are located in Littlestown, Pennsylvania - just south of Gettysburg, PA
Feel free to visit us, please call or email to make an appointment!
804 White Hall Road, 
Littlestown, PA 17340
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