WHITE HALL FLYWAY​​ Miniature Cattle
Our Focus is on Micro Miniature Cattle; where size matters
Welcome to Whitehall Flyway Miniature Cattle; we are a small farm & and breeder of micro-miniature cattle. We are located in south-central Pennsylvania, within just a few miles of the Mason-Dixon line - near Gettysburg, PA. My husband and I both grew up on local farms with larger-standard size cattle and horses. We can truly say that no endeavor has been as exciting and interesting as our Micro-Mini cattle business. Together we have over 60 years of farm experience. For the past ~10 years our focus has been on reducing our tax debt and qualifying for agricultural exemptions, as well as homestead exclusions offered in our county. We learned that by having cattle on your property you may qualify for not only homestead exclusions, but agricultural exemptions too. Not quite enough property, just slightly shy for clean & green programs, we soon learned & realized that we had plenty of acreage for a handful of micro-miniatures. We started building our business plan and researching to gain knowledge in this market. We decided that our main focus would be to keep the overall size of our herd stock in the 0000 (quad-zero) range. Our first thought was that the smaller size would accommodate our pasture size and ease handling issues, but secondly that the novelty of a true micro miniature bovine would peak the interest of anyone seeing them; and I can say that the size of our cattle truly does draw a great deal of attention. Our cattle are all less than 35 inches, with our herd sire measuring just at 34.5 inches at 4 years old. If I had a dollar for every time someone says "there is no way they are full grown" and "will they get bigger?" - I'd have a pile of dollars. ;) What a change from growing up with a Limosine herd sire, Pierre Jean Paul, weighing it at over 2,400 lbs. We quickly learned that these animals have bigger personalities than their package would suggest. I've not met a kid yet that is not totally intrigued by our animals, as well these micro minis tend to bring out the child in adults too.  So that said, above and beyond the business aspect of our farm, these animals have stolen our hearts, and the hearts of family and friends.  Much like a loyal dog our herd sire Vinnie trots to his gate to greet me every evening as I return home from work; he often will bawl or bellow back when I talk to him. And our girls know their names and will follow you anywhere on the farm for an apple or piece of watermelon rind. Vinnie has his own corral area, that we named "Vinnie's Love Shack" so that he can have some privacy when any of his girl-friends come to visit. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.
                                                                 Kind regards, 
                                                                Eugene "Buzz" and Tina Marie Shoop


Understanding Size

Start by understanding the standard sizing chart, and the range that you are interested in. Then make sure to keep your goals top priority. It is very easy to get side-tracked by the very first adorable calf that you see, but be sure to take time to ask for dam and sire sizes. I learned quickly if a seller can't answer this simple question, "what is the size of the mom & dad", then they don't have the same focus as you do. Or they don't know, and that makes it very risky to buy - if you have not idea of the mature size. Buyer beware!

size matters...

Most important is to know what size animals you are comfortable with. The size chart may not be spot-on, but it gives a gauge of what to expect. All animals grow differently, and lots of factors play into that fact - food and nutrition, environmental conditions, and genetics; are all items to consider. Yet in the end the bloodlines are key. Ask for at least a generation or two of history, this will help to reach your expectations.
Before you buy! Research as much as you can prior to deciding on a breed or a breeder. You want to be comfortable that you've explored all your option prior to making the initial investment. The success of your business depends on educating yourself.
Before you buy! Take your time to review the farm site that you are interested in; be aware of breed-lines and line-breeding practices. You want to feel welcome to visit the breeder and ask questions. Make sure that your questions are answered and you have a clear direction for your breeding plan.
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We are located in Littlestown, Pennsylvania - just south of Gettysburg, PA
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