WHITE HALL FLYWAY​​ Miniature Cattle
Our Focus is on Micro Miniature Cattle; where size matters
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Welcome to the Whitehall Flyway Miniature Cattle farm. We strive for healthy & sturdy stock. Our focus is on the micro-minature size (0000) And we have lots of color with a mix of Miniature Texas Longhorns, Western Heritage, and Zebu to make up our breed lines. Small cattle are easier on the land, equipment and facilities. Those of us who once had large cattle remember the constant work on fencing, barn repairs, and hours mending broken equipment. The small animals just don't have the bulk to do much harm. Pastures seem to stay greener longer because these miniature cattle weigh less and their hooves are smaller. Most counties offer agricultural exemptions - you may qualify to lower your tax debt; what a great benefit.
There is a wide range of reasons to have miniature cattle.  For the most part, people want something unique and sometimes colorful to look at.  Many people enjoy caring for animals but want something besides a horse that doesn't get ridden or a dog no one plays with. Most people who enjoy these animals want "the smaller the better". Most of these animals are under 36 inches.  Miniature zebu are the smallest breed as well as their crosses. Many kids and their families enjoy the fair but are intimadated by the large animals. Of the 21 breeds of miniature cattle several have been developed for the pet market. There are the six markets for miniature cattle, the pet, breeder, mini milker, show, organic beef and commercial farm grown beef. Of these six markets the pet market is currently around 50%. Do people actually want a cow as a pet? You bet, and lots of people just love their pet bovine!  Miniature cattle of almost any breed offer a great opportunity for kids to take an animal that is easy to train and care for.  Bottle fed calves at the fair get lots of attention.... and so do the kids.  Taking care of an animal gives kids responsiblity and they are rewarded by going to the fair.  Their small size makes the calves easy to handle for kids of almost any age.  A great project for kids any age.
Before you buy! Research as much as you can prior to deciding on a breed or a breeder. You want to be comfortable that you've explored all your option prior to making the initial investment. The success of your business depends on educating yourself.
Before you buy! Take your time to review the farm site that you are interested in; be aware of breed-lines and line-breeding practices. You want to feel welcome to visit the breeder and ask questions. Make sure that your questions are answered and you have a clear direction for your breeding plan.
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We are located in Littlestown, Pennsylvania - just south of Gettysburg, PA
Feel free to visit us, please call or email to make an appointment!
804 White Hall Road, 
Littlestown, PA 17340
(717) 359-8294